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Angel Foundation

The Angel Fondation is a religious charity which broadcasts Christian TV of no particular denomination world-wide from our playout centre in Jerusalem, Israel, under the banner of "God TV".

We were established in 1995 and quickly moved to Sunderland in the North East of England. During these early days we needed insurance cover for a variety of risks and came to Dave McHarry of Christian Insurance Services.

Being the maker of TV content, as well as a broadcaster, makes us a rather complex organisation and David and his team at Christian Insurance in Durham has brilliantly served our needs and wants for what is now for over a nonstop 15 years.

We throroughly recommend Christian Insurance Services for all your insurance needs, whether corporate or private, as not only are you carefully and soundly advised but it is done in a personal way, which is much better when compared to some characterless call centre.

Jonathan Booth FCA

Head of God TV UK Administration & Services

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